Leland Green Matte Ring


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Leland Green Matte Ring

What Is Leland Blue?

Today, people find this slag material on the shores of Leland’s beaches and on the shores of other Great Lakes.

During the late 1800, Leland, Michigan was a smog-filled industrial town anchored by the Leland Lake Superior Iron Company. After the smelting industry failed because of large overhead costs and the lack of a good harbor in Leland, the remains of the industry, including heaps of slag, were dumped into the harbor.

Slag is a byproduct of the smelting process: raw ore is heated, and the desired iron ore is separated from various natural impurities. When those impurities cool, the result is stone-like slag.

Leland Blue, specifically, is the mix of blue glass with other chemicals, but this varying chemical medley can also cause the slag to appear purple, gray, black or a shade of green. 

I am very fond of this stone. I love that this one is green,brown and tan and is in a matte finish.The stone measures 3/4 inch square. The band is 3/8 inch wide. The ring is a size 10.

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