Jewelry Care


What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver.  The rest of the metal alloy is usually copper. The copper is added to strengthen the metal to make it more durable.


Here are some tips to keep your sterling silver jewelry in great shape for years.

  • Jewelry should be put on after using products like lotion, perfume and hairspray.

  • Silver jewelry likes to be worn

  • When not wearing your jewelry you can store it in a ziplock plastic bag to protect it for the elements in the air.

  • Putting white school chalk in your jewelry box where your silver jewelry is kept with help absorb moisture and delay tarnishing.

Tarnish is a natural occurring reaction of the metal from common elements in the air and water around us. All sterling silver will need to be cleaned periodically . Use a silver tarnish removal cloth, but take care to avoid stones and pearls. I sell the Sun Shine cloths on my site for $5.00 - they are a great product for instant shine!