A lot of my jewelry is made to order or might involve changing an existing design.

I have made rings and pendants using stones and gems provided by the customer.

If you have a concept, idea or like something on my site - but need it in a different size - let me know and I'll be happy to work with you!

I always provide customers with an estimate of completion time regarding a custom order before finalizing. No surprises.

If you are interested in discussing a custom design, please email me at  I'm excited to hear your ideas!


Can you resize my ring if it doesn't fit?

Generally, no.

When a ring does not fit I will be happy to make you a new one that closely matches the design of the original ring. All I ask is that you send the original ring back to me first. There is no charge for this except for the return shipping cost back to you. Please note: Certain types of custom made rings (if complex in design) may not be returnable.

Most of my rings have heat sensitive stones or glass that can be damaged due to "thermal shock" (cracking of the material when subjected to high heat when re-soldering the ring). Sometimes a ring can be protected but I would rather make you a new ring than risk destroying the original.