I discovered long ago that I loved working with my hands and in turn earned a degree in textile design.

The art of jewelry making was something that came to me by accident.

Fueled by my love of the lake and my collection of beach glass, I sat down 19 years ago and made myself a very organic bracelet using beach glass. I wore this bracelet to an event shortly after and suddenly I was a beach glass jewelry artist.

I have always wanted my designs to be less craft and more fine art, so I set off to learn all I could about the properties of metal and the techniques of making silver jewelry.

I went to Colorado to work with a silver smith and then spent hours in TAP studio in Cleveland under the guidance of Todd Pownell and Debra Rosen. I then went to Penland and studied under other amazing artists to build and develop my skills. I could not get enough knowledge, I was hooked, and I had found my passion.

Today I am a full time jewelry artist. My work includes more than just beach glass. I work with gems stones and other found objects and I continue to develop my skills and education.

I feel blessed to have found something I am so excited to do everyday.

Thanks for stopping by,

Chris Keener

Contact me;  chris.keener@me.com

4716 surfside Drive  Huron, Ohio 44839