Petrified Sand Dollar Necklace

Gracefully Petrified Sand Dollar Necklace

 This polished, fossilized sand dollar is from Madagascar and is super old.  They are from the Jurassic period, so 65 to 145 million years ago.  This is a clypeasteroid, member of the echinoid family. 

Sand Dollar Fossil energy is excellent to have around to anchor your affirmations and manifest your desires.

Revered by many cultures for centuries, Fossils, because of their age, are often used as talismans for protection and long life. They are links to the past and, as such, can be helpful for past-life visualization  and increased knowledge of ancient ways. Fossils are associated with the earth element, which can heighten your intuition.
 Fossils can teach us to be aware of the cycle of life and to embrace change with a feeling of security.

This fossilized sand dollar measures 1 1/8 inch in diameter. It is prong set in oxidized sterling silver and hangs from an 18 inch (can be adjustable down in length) chain with a lobster clasp.

The beautiful gold luster of  the sand dollar makes this piece pop with any color of your wardrobe. A piece to cherish for years to come.

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