Leland Blue Necklace - From the Shores of Lake Michigan

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A gorgeous piece of Leland Blues is bezel set in sterling silver and hangs from a Custom created sterling silver chain. The chain is adjustable down from 18 inches. The entire piece was oxidized to make details pop.

What is Leland Blue?

Leland Blue Stone is not a stone. It is slag, a by-product of smelting iron ore.  During a short period, time from 1870 to 1885, iron ore was mined in Northern Michigan, and shipped to a smelting plant in Michigan.

During the smelting process, the iron ore was heated in huge furnaces to separated iron from the by-products, poured into molds and shipped south to the steel mills in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

The by-product was pushed into Lake Michigan. The wave action of the lake and the sand has polished over time these stones. These stones occur in as many shades of blue as your imagination, or perhaps Crayola’s imagination could name. Arctic blue, cerulean blue, sapphire, or sky blue. Some are streaked with shades of greens and grays. Stunning!


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